Monday, May 30, 2011

Achtung Baby!

 After a year and a half a waiting, the night finally arrived.
 We went with Harmony, JD and my Mom.
 Not too many Moms I know would go, but my Mom is the coolest. She helped us to appreciate good music from birth.
 The stage was amazing and our seats were very close. The show is about to start. Around 50,000 people were in the stadium.
 This concert is hard to describe if you don't absolutely LOVE U2 like me, or if you weren't there.
 I can't describe the feelings I get when I am at these concerts. It's a high for my that I can't describe.
 I know I am a bit obsessed.
 The round screen lowered into this to make a light show.
 The energy in the stadium was huge.

This was the top of the stage structure

 Bono is Amazing! He has so much energy.
This was my 4th U2 concert and my favorite, so far.
I can't wait until the next one.


Lisa said...

You look like you were sitting close to us! We were in W12 on the seventh row...amazing seats....amazing concert...hands down the best performers on the planet, even though I LOVE Bon Jovi and LOVE Peter Cetera...they don't come close to even comparing to U2..and Bono...more beautiful than ever!!!!!

Jenny said...

I am seriously SOOOOOOO jealous. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your pics.

Heidi said...

That looks like such a blast. I'm a cool Mom, can I go to the next one?

Sébastien Parisot said...

Thx, nice pix !!!

Sébastien Parisot said...

Nice pix, thx !!!!!!!!!!!!